Sorority Recruitment!!

Sorority recruitment at Furman is delayed, meaning we don’t start formal recruitment until the beginning of our second semester. At first, I was annoyed that we had to wait a whole semester before recruitment, but I am actually so glad Furman does it this way. It was hard watching all of my friends at other schools joining sororities and I was jealous of all the fun they seemed to be having. But, after a few weeks at school, I found amazing friends who I probably would not have even met if we all had already been in sororities. It also is nice being able to meet sorority women because it makes the recruitment process so much easier after talking with people who have already been through the process. There are also Panhellenic events, such as sorority pop-ins, that help you to meet sorority women too.

Day 1 of recruitment is when you meet all 7 of the sororities (Delta Delta Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha, Chi Omega, Kappa Delta, Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Gamma, and Kappa Kappa Gamma). I thought this day was so fun because there were so many new people to meet. I loved learning about what made everyone love their sororities so much. They also tell you about the philanthropy they are involved in. Each sorority has a local and national philanthropy that they are passionate about and raise money for. Day 1 is when you wear the recruitment shirt they give you with jeans and a sweater or jacket.

Day 2 is sisterhood day! This is the day when you go to up to five different parties. On day 2, the sorority women love to tell you about what makes their sorority home for them. You chat with a couple girls and they are trying to get to know you to see if you would fit well in their sorority, and the PNM (potential new member) should be doing the same. This day is a little more serious than day 1 and everyone has on cute outfits like skirts and sweaters or a casual dress.

Day 3 is pref tea. This is when you go to up to 2 sororities and it is so important to listen to what the sorority women are saying because you are potentially going to be their sister the next day. It is also important to look around and see what the women in the room with you are like because you are going to have to rank your 2 at the end of the day. I really loved this day because this is the day you really feel at home in the room with all the women. Day 3 is also when you dress the nicest. You should wear a nice dress (some people say “church dress” or “cocktail dress that you would be okay to show your grandma”). This was the day that confirmed what I wanted to do and where I felt the most at home when I walked in the room.

Bid day is when you get a little slip of paper telling you what sorority you are going to be in!! Then you run into a room with all the other new members and some of the sisters are waiting to shower you in hugs!!! Walking into the room makes you feel so overwhelmed and loved and I am so grateful for all the people who made my day so much better. Then, you fun outside and meet the rest of the chapter and you get a bid day buddy to hang out with for the day!! After that we watched the Pi Chi reveal and found out who is in what sorority. (Pi Chis are the leaders of all the groups you are assigned to and they help to make sure you are in the right places at all times). Next, we went to take pictures and then the Tri Delts went to farmhouse tacos and had food and a giant dance party lol. All the sororities went and had different activities for the rest of the day and all my friends and I had so much fun wherever we were!!

If you think that going through recruitment may not be for you, I would tell you to do it because there really is a place for everyone and I know it sounds cheesy but trust the system (I know, I rolled my eyes when people told me that too) and everything will work out!!!

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