The Furman Advantage is one of the most defining characteristics of Furman University. The Furman Advantage, or TFA, is a personalized, four-year path that highlights the strengths of every student. It highlights research opportunities, internships, and unique learning experiences for every student. Through a community of advisors, your overall experience as a student will be personally shaped and crafted based on your academic and personal interests. The Furman Advantage is also evident in all of the study abroad programs that Furman offers its students. Through all of our learning centers, regardless of where you are in the world, you’re getting a personalized, Furman education. This allows for all of our students to be successful in any field. As a result of the personalized experiences here result in a 97% placement rate in graduate school or in the professional world. Taking advantage of the education that Furman offers you is priceless.

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