Hi there! I’m Madison Stevens, and I am so excited to share my Spring semester with you!

Picture from my internship at DFS Creative Concepts.

I’m currently a Junior Communication Studies major and absolutely loving it! I’ve had internships and jobs throughout my time at Furman that have instilled my love for all things communication which I’ll share more about as the semester goes on.

When I first came to Furman, the answer to “Where are you from?” was an easy, straightforward one: Fairhope, Alabama. I had lived my whole life in my quaint, small town by the water, attended my school for 15 years, and knew nothing different. However, now, it’s a little more complicated. After my freshman year at Furman, my family moved to Denver, Colorado, an incredible city and a huge change of pace from my tiny town in the South. Now, both places have my heart, just like Greenville does too. Home is all three places, I’ve come to find. How lucky am I?

Images from each of the places I call home – Fairhope, Furman, and Colorado.

Ask any Furman student what makes the Furman experience so special, and you will likely get the same answer: the people. From friends to classmates to professors to on campus staff, Furman is full of smiling faces willing to lend a helping hand. A day in the life at Furman would be nothing without the incredible community we get to share it with.

A few pictures of me with friends over the years at Furman!

My time at Furman is spent doing all things Comm, being a member of my sorority, visiting the PAC (the Physical Activities Center, aka the gym), and trips to the Library Café (coffee is my daily necessity). Aside from that, I love spending time with friends in my apartment and visiting as many of Greenville’s great restaurants and coffee shops as possible before I graduate.

This semester, my classes are very exciting, and I cannot wait to share some of the great projects my classmates and I are working on with y’all, not to mention all things Furman! 

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