Rainy Week Joys on Campus

Hey everybody! So glad you’re joining me on this corner of the internet! My name is Colleen Christensen, and I am a senior Public Health major from Charleston, South Carolina. I am so excited to be joining the Social Media team at this point in my Furman experience! With only a few more months to soak in my time on campus as a student, I have been reflecting on my time here and am overwhelmingly grateful for all the ways Furman has given to me and pushed me to grow. So get ready for some sentimental and heartfelt walks down memory lane, with each post giving you a different glimpse of why Furman has undoubtedly been the best college fit for me!

It’s me! Colleen!!

While I have loved my experience at Furman, everyday of college is not rainbows and sunshine. In fact, the weather this week has been wet, cold, and cloudy. As someone who grew up in the sunshine of the South Carolina coast, weather like this has a tendency to really get me down. But luckily, Furman is a place filled with people who are ready to pick you back up! Here are a few ways that my spirit was lifted around campus in a week filled with rain, exams, and lots of time tucked away studying at my desk:

1: Coffee on Ms. Nancy’s Couch

Ms. Nancy, the Director of Volunteer Services, is every student’s biggest cheerleader. Not only does she get us connected to volunteer opportunities that are a great fit for your interests and the community’s needs, but she also welcomes any and all students into her office. For me, a visit to Ms. Nancy consists of cup of coffee, a seat on THE most comfortable couch on campus, and a good chat about anything going on in life. I always leave her office with a smile on my face and more pep in my step (both from the caffeine and good company!).

2: DH Dinner Dates with friends

The Dining Hall (we fondly refer to this as the DH) is my favorite place to eat on campus. There is always a great variety of options, and after taking a Philosophy of Food course and cooking with some of our campus chefs, I understand how our food is prepared and where it comes from. I am proud that our University chooses to host a dining company on campus that deeply values sustainability, supporting local farmers, and preparing food that was grown and raised ethically. It also tastes great! Because I’m an extrovert, meeting up with friends at the end of a long day is one of the best ways for me to destress and wind down. It’s always a blast catching up with friends you’ve made, but maybe don’t see on a daily basis anymore. Plus, because we only have one dining hall on campus, it’s likely that you’ll run into friends from other parts of the campus community in the DH, too.

3: Public Health Seminar

As a senior, I am now pretty close with all of my public health peers my class. Not only did we all take the Capstone Seminar course together last semester, but we have also had bi-weekly seminars together since the beginning of our junior year. With all of this time together, our group of 10 ladies has really become a fun community that I look forward to seeing each time our seminar meets. This week, we had a guest speaker who is a non-profit professional come speak to us about what a career in the non-profit sector may look like. It is a relaxed and conversational learning environment, and it is always fun to learn something with people of shared interests and similar passions!

Even on the rainy days (and weeks!), there are always positives you can find around campus that lift your spirit or put a smile on your face. These are just a handful of mine, and each week they’re different. Here’s hoping to next week having better weather, but similar reasons to celebrate the place we call home!

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