Who’s That Girl? It’s Khara!

Me by a mural in Nashville. I took my friends mural-hunting over spring break our freshman year!

Hey guys! 

My name is Khara Wong-Ken and I am one of the social media interns with admissions this semester! I am a sophomore from Franklin/Murfreesboro, Tennessee majoring in Mathematics-Economics. Over the course of this semester, I get to share a bit about my life here at Furman, as well as some advice about Furman and college in general!

A few ways I would describe myself are:

  • Vine Enthusiast – Vines are actually how my best friend and I became friends freshman year. 
  • Avid Concert Goer – Live music is by far my favorite thing to watch. I’ve been to over 20 concerts and music festivals and have seen about 43 different musicians live.
  • Busy as a Bee – I am involved in multiple organizations on campus (Admissions Ambassadors, FCA, APO, and Pauper Players to name a few) and work part-time at Haywood Mall. 
  • Road-trip Junkie – I LOVE a good road trip! I probably love them so much because I can’t drive, but road trips always have the best food, conversation, and music. What’s not to love?! 
  • Super Awesome Playlist Maker – My music library is filled with playlists for any feeling/occasion/moment. My current favourite one is called April Flowers. It’s mainly a bunch of singer-songwriter songs that make me happy and in the mood for spring!

I’m sure more fun facts will pop up along the way, but that’s it for now! I am so excited to show you guys my side of Furman this spring! Keep an eye out for more posts on the here and on Instagram from me.

Khara 🙂

P.S. If you didn’t get the reference in my title, watch New Girl. I highly recommend!

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