College Tour Tips

Here are some pro tips for touring colleges from a tour guide:


  1. This may be the most important: Ask the tour guide questions. They will be more engaged and will enable them to connect better with you.  Really ask anything, no matter what it is, because it will result in a better tour.
  2. Try to picture yourself at the school you’re touring. Pick up on pieces of information that apply to you, and try to envision yourself at the school you’re touring.
  3. Take note of the student body. Do the students look happy?  Are the students socializing with each other?  Do the students say hey to you walking by and seem to show an interest in you?
  4. Pay attention to what’s offered outside of class.Academics are important, but you have a life outside of class and you need things to do.  You’ll be living at the school you go to, so make sure you’ll enjoy it.
  5. Make sure you ask about what you’re interested in.For example, if you’re interested in the business building, ask questions in there so that you can learn as much as possible about that interest.
  6. Make sure you meet with your admission counselor.They are the person who is going to be helping you out and guiding you through the application process to each school, so try to make contact with them and let them put a face on you.
  7. Visit the city that the college is in or right beside. While life on campus is fun, you need to get off campus every now and then.  Make sure that you like your college town and that it will be a great place for you to be for the next four years.

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