7 Places to Visit Near Furman

What’s up guys!

This week I thought it’d be fun to write about fun places to visit near Furman! Now I know you might be thinking, “hmmmm that sounds awfully similar to outdoor activities in Greenville”, but I promise it’s different. Kinda.

1. Sky Top Orchard
This one is a Furman favorite during the fall! It’s only about a 30 minute drive from campus, and you can go and have (almost) anything apple-flavored that your heart desires. If you go, you HAVE to try their donuts. They have goats, too!
Above is a picture of my pals eating apples straight from the tress! (is that allowed? we don’t know)

2. Craft Axe Throwing
This is a new place in town and it is a hoot! I haven’t personally been, but I have tons of friends who have gone and it’s a common recommendation from any Furman student.
3. Greenville Humane Society
This is a great stress reliever perfect for a weekday or a weekend! They love having visitors and will even let you take the dogs out for a walk on their land. This is definitely a Furman staple. Unless you’re allergic. Above is a picture of me with a doggo during my sophomore year.
4. Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery
This is your typical grocery store/cafe (as the name implies lol), but I decided to include it because everything is local and it’s accessible by the Swamp Rabbit Trail (which runs right behind Furman’s campus!). They have fun events weekly and it’s always a good vibe. I love a good vibe.
A few weeks ago my friend and I rented a tandem bike from our gym and rode it down!
1. 25 Drive-In
This is SO underrated but an awesome experience. This drive in movie theater is about an hour drive from campus, but you can go any Thursday-Saturday and pay $10 and watch two movies from your car! I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a new experience. Also bring bug spray if you wanna keep your windows open.
6. Asheville
This is a whole other city but it’s GREAT for a day trip. Asheville is about an hour from Furman, but the city has a lot of character and tons of nooks and crannies to explore.
This is a pic of a sick restaurant I visited last time I was there!
7. Falls Park
It wouldn’t be a greenville list without Falls Park! This is the heart of Downtown Greenville and it’s great for walking around and exploring the beauty of our city. I recommend getting some ice cream from Spill The Beans and then walking on the bridge. Good vibes ALL around.

There are tons of other spots in Greenville and there’s always an event going on Downtown. Give us a visit!


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