Spring at Furman

It’s mid-March which means one thing at Furman: Spring is almost here! Personally, Spring is my favorite time on campus. There’s nothing better than a sunny afternoon walk around the lake when the trees have all come back to life and the flowers are blooming!

I’ll never forget the first time I visited Furman in the Spring of my Junior year of high school (four years ago, WOW!). It was the most beautiful day on campus. Everything was green and blooming, and the sun was shining. Furman could not have been more perfect!

The Front Furman Gates.

The best part about Furman warming up in the Spring is how incredibly active everyone becomes. I love seeing other students walking, running, biking, playing tennis, and so much more outside on bright Spring afternoons. I’m a big fan of a jog on the Swamp Rabbit Trail with the sun shining, even though it can be rather warm, it is too pretty not to go!

One HUGE plus is the rose garden beginning to bloom. For those who don’t know, Furman has a gorgeous rose garden placed between the Dining Hall and Trone Student Center just off the lake. When it is in bloom, there is nothing more stunning than the bright colors of the tall roses.

The Furman Rose Garden

If you get the chance, I highly recommend watching a Spring sunset by the lake from the Belltower or even by the rose garden. You’ll see students walking and running, and you will be so happy in the perfect Spring temperatures!

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