My Favorite Greenville Restaurants

If you’ve been able to visit Furman yet, you’ve likely heard your tour guides talk about how much we all love living in Greenville. From weekend hikes and bike rides to axe throwing and shopping downtown, there is always something to do. I’ve even made a senior year bucket list of all the things that I want to do before I graduate (which reminds me, I need to keep working on that…). Anywho, one of the reasons I wanted to come to Furman was because of the location and things to do.

Part of my adventures in exploring Greenville since I’ve been at Furman has been trying out the restaurant scene. While we are all broke college students at the end of the day (and as I like to say, ballin’ on a budget), it is important to treat yoself and experience the place in which you are living to the fullest. And the restaurants here are not something you want to miss out on. There is some GOOD food to be found here, but which restaurants are the best?! You really will get a different answer depending on who you ask. From my perspective, here are 4 diverse restaurants that you don’t want to miss- for whatever mood you’re in!

1: Sidewall Pizza

Sidewall started as a small pizza restaurant in Travelers Rest, SC, and since then has blossomed into four different locations.Serving specialty pizza, breadsticks, salads, and homemade ice cream, this place has never disappointed me the 1000x I’ve been there (approximately). They focus on using fresh, local ingredients and take pride in being very plugged into the community. They give back a percentage of their proceeds to the Greenville community, so you can enjoy great food and support Greenville all at once!

This is a picture of the Travelers Rest Location, just 5 minutes away from campus. Furman students and professors go here all the time!

2: Tako-Sushi

Craving Mexican? Craving sushi? Have commitment issues?! Never fear, Tako-Sushi is here!!! This restaurant offers both western and eastern food, and some dishes that combine both. It is so unique in what it offers; I’ve never been to a restaurant like it before. Whether a burrito bowl or a sushi roll, Tako-Sushi is always a reliably wonderful food option. Plus, it’s on Main Street downtown, so it’s within a walking distance of parks, theaters, and more! My personal favorite is the Peace Center right across the street from Tako-Sushi. I saw Ben Rector perform at the Peace Center last semester and it was one of my favorite concerts ever. 🙂

3: Coffee Underground

Coffee Underground is another uniquely-Greenville find. Located on Coffee St. downtown, they offer an incredible variety of coffee drinks and desserts (think more bakery-esque than just pastries). Though the coffee is great, and I’m a biiiiig coffee fan, what I love most about this spot is the atmosphere. Every Sunday night they have open mic slam poetry, and other local performers come here to entertain as well, such as the local Improv comedy troupe. Everyday it’s something different at Coffee Underground. And fun fact: they’re true to their name! The entire shop is underground; you descend stairs off of Coffee St. into their shop, as if walking down into your basement. But don’t worry; they still have a few windows for you natural light lovers.

4: Soby’s

Soby’s is what I categorize as a “family weekend” restaurant. Outside of my usual budget for a meal out, it is a treat to go with family or visiting friends. The atmosphere is welcoming and the food always looks as incredible as it tastes. My favorite memory here was family weekend of my freshman year. My freshman year roommate’s mom went to Soby’s for dinner with a group of other parents the night of new student orientation. They all loved it so much that they made reservations that night to return over family weekend! My family hopped on their reservation so they could all get to know one another; it was such a wonderful memory from my first semester.

This is a picture straight from Soby’s website. See what I mean?!

Whether looking for something chill or upscale, quick or sit-down, Greenville has it all. After writing this blog post, I’m off to add these restaurants to my senior year bucket list to enjoy one last time before graduation!

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