The Dining Hall: Furman’s Social Hotspot

The Dining Hall at Furman, also known as the DH, is more than just a place to quickly grab a meal. It is a hotspot on campus for catching up with friends, running into people who have been hiding in the library cubicles, and even make new friends.

Food from the Dining Hall.

My freshmen year walking into the DH I saw many familiar faces from classes and South Housing. I quickly learned the ways of the dining hall. If you see a friend, particularly if they are sitting at the high top tables in the center of the DH, they are basically wearing a sign that says “Come talk to me!” Over the years, everyone develops their favorite spot in the DH. My favorite is the booth closest to the dish return on the South Housing side. It is a quaint spot with a great vantage point for people watching.

The Dining Hall (P.S. I spy my favorite spot)

It is more common than not at Furman to have planned meals with friends in the DH weekly. It is the perfect study break, particularly during midterms and finals. Some people even have standing lunch dates in the DH as well. Every Monday, my friend Emma and I have lunch at 11:30 in the dining hall.

At Furman, it is impossible to go to the dining hall and not see a friend or someone you know. It is a great way to get a little social interaction during a busy day. Bouncing from table to table chitchatting with friends and catching up with everyone is a great pastime in the DH, not to mention you can do it with a delicious chocolate chip cookie in hand.

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