My Favorite Class at Furman

While at Furman, I have taken some really incredible classes: Global Public Health, History of South Asia, Intercultural Communications, World Politics, and more. As a public health major, my strong suit is definitely in the sciences. However, some of the most memorable and interesting classes I’ve taken expand outside of the health sciences department and into the social sciences and humanities. If you had told me that I would be saying that four years ago, I would be laughing in your face.

Reflecting on my favorite class at Furman, I couldn’t just pick one. There have been so many that have shaped the way I think and articulate my ideas. So, instead of just picking one, I’m going to talk about my favorite class that I have taken that was not for my public health degree! Believe it or not, the general education requirement (GER) classes that you’ll take will be among your list of favorites too. I actually took my favorite GER last semester; yes, you might even be taking them as a senior! This was my textual analysis class, and it was called “Philosophy of Food.” We talked about all things related to food and how we interact with it, perceive it, and relate to it. As you might expect, we read philosophical texts and tried to wrap our minds around a few philosophical food theories. However, the class expanded beyond your typical philosophy readings and discussions.

We also read texts about food ethics. We discussed what we value in our food choices, and how those values are reflected when deciding where to grocery shop or what type of food you eat. Many students in the class, including myself, really began to understand why our food choices are important. Through this, I really felt like I was learning an important lesson around food ethics that will absolutely apply to my life after Furman. Even in philosophy class that I took for fun in my last year will teach your something new about yourself!

One week we made cheesecake! Luckily, I brought coffee from home, so I had a great drink to pair with our incredible dessert.

Everyone’s favorite part of the class was the food lab. Every Tuesday, we had class from 4:30pm to 7:00pm and ate dinner together. Dr. Worth believes strongly that if we talk about food all of the time, we must eat it together, too. 🙂 Our class was split up into smaller groups of five, and we all took turns cooking dinner for the rest of the class. While one group would be cooking, the rest of the class would watch a film or documentary related to what we were talking about that week. After the film was over, we would discuss it with each other and relate it to the lectures and readings while enjoying a wonderful dinner prepared for us by our peers and one of the chefs from our dining services! The food was always wonderful, and I always made to to bring tupperware to bring home leftovers. The class even taught me some cooking lessons that I have been working to perfect in my apartment this semester!

One week we had homemade pasta, and Dr. Worth led the group of students cooking because she’s learned how to make pasta from scratch while traveling to Italy on study away trips. There is also a homemade tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella.

Classes have many different aspects, whether reading, discussing, cooking, or venturing out into the Greenville community to learn from our neighbors. Whatever it may be, I promise that you will not be bored in the classroom. You may be stretched to step out of your comfort zone, but doing it alongside your peers and friends make it much more exciting!

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