Dog Days

The first week of the April has already been an exciting time for me. I’ve gotten to spend some time with my family, had a really great Goodwill trip, and a dance I’m going to later this week! Best of all, the first week of every month brings my absolute favorite day of all: Puppy Thursdays!!!  

Me on a Thursday with an 8-week-old puppy. His siblings were playing in the pen below us.

Puppy Thursday, officially called Paws to Unwind, was created by Heller Service Corps partnered with the Greenville Humane Society. It’s not uncommon to find dogs on campus taking walks with their owners, but this is one of the few times the pups are there just to be petted. GHS brings dogs that they are caring for, usually up for adoption. Every once in a while, they’ll even bring whole litters of puppies!

It’s always a fun time getting to love on the pups or feed them treats. Having it outside the lib means it’s also the perfect time to take a little break and relax. Hence the name, Paws to Unwind.

Meet Jelly! Jelly is an 8 month old puppy. She is part Husky and very clever. She is also up for adoption! I got to spend some time with Jelly on Thursday. I learned that Jelly will do tricks, but she won’t eat the treats (she prefers to eat the grass). She also gives great hugs! All you have to do is sit next to her. Be careful though, she gets a bit excited and can knock you over.

If once a month isn’t enough and you can’t get enough of these doggos, check out the Greenville Humane Society! Not only are there dogs, but also plenty of other animals in need of some love and attention.

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities but need some help, check out Heller Service Corps! Heller is a service organization on Furman’s campus that partners students with service opportunities all over the Greenville area. They’re a great resource for getting involved while being at Furman. 

Hope you enjoyed the puppies!

Khara 🙂

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