Informal Formals

In some ways, a lot of college is full of paradoxes. You are perpetually broke, but also throw around money on Venmo like you’re Liechtenstein at the UN.

This blog’s humor gets increasingly niche.

There are other ways, too. Everyone is failing everything, yet mysteriously everyone shows up the next semester after always getting “destroyed by finals”. There’s more subtle ways as well. I think Greek life encapsulates that well.

So that brings us to this paradox – someone unaffiliated with Greek life talking about it, at a formal, where he is only by the most technical definition dressed formally.

And the real kicker is that I wore the same suit last year. Some things never go out of style.

This isn’t so much a post about Greek life as it is the weirdness of this whole situation. My roommate found himself date-less and I found myself weekend plan-less. I am also not one to turn down serendipity.

Although we all know there is no such thing as luck.

Furman is an interesting school because it allows for these sorts of contradictions to come along and flourish. In a lot of ways, it’s similar to my high school in that regard. I went to a very small high school, which resulted in some very strange social clique overlaps. The starting linebacker was our lead singer in theater productions. No one played just one sport. The same people who founded drum line also founded a government and politics club, which didn’t make sense to me until I got a little older.

Point being, I think in some places those sorts of conflicts would be problems, or nuisances, or weird. And I’m not going to say that wearing a leopard print suit to a fraternity function you’re not a part of isn’t weird. I have never had pretenses to anything else (I cold-opened with Liechtenstein humor here). But weird is okay. There’s a place for weird – and I mean actually weird, not just quirky weird.

This blog is taking on Zooey Deschanel and has zero qualms about it.

So, at the end of the day, it’s nice to have people who don’t judge a leopard suit for its spots.

The looks of hardened thugs, or Furman’s elite improv members. Your call.

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