Finding Your Soulmate at Furman

Furman’s a school just like any other, with students just like any others, and of course every now and then love flourishes. Luckily for students who find their significant others here, we have a day dedicated to them: Furman Engaged. One Tuesday every spring semester, Furman organizes a ceremony for all students who are engaged or plan to be engaged to another student in the coming months. The ceremony usually takes place in the rose garden, with the engaged students lining the rose bushes, while their friends and families surround the rose garden and watch in awe. The ceremony is also a complete lie. Sorry for lying to you. But that does sound like a wonderful ceremony.

Furman Engaged is actually a day for Furman students to showcase the work they’ve done over the past year or their time at Furman. Many students present on things such as research, internships, or even an interdisciplinary minor, which was the case for me. I am a Medicine, Health, and Culture minor with a hopeful career in nursing, and I presented a poster in which I discussed how the minor has shaped my view and hopefully made me a better future nurse!

Above is a pic of me and the poster I made for yesterday! Also there is a man I’ve never seen before.

Every minor at Furman is interdisciplinary, which means that they pull classes from several different departments in order to bring together a common idea. For my minor, I took Public Health in the Health Sciences department, Medical Spanish in the Spanish department, History of Western Medicine in the History department, and Abnormal Psychology/Adulthood & Aging in the Psychology department. Each of these classes helped me think humanely about the context of a patient and his/her background as opposed to simply seeing them as a problem that needs to be fixed. I argue that many times the humanity is just as important as the medicine, and that classes such as these can help future healthcare providers understand the nuances that go into taking care of others.

Furman Engaged is an amazing opportunity for students to reflect on their experiences, but it also serves as an avenue for students to explore opportunities that may interest them and hear from people who have participated in similar experiences.

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