Graduation is Coming

After however many months of slipping Game of Thrones GIFs into these posts, I’m finally going to get a few new ones tonight. Our apartment is like the Apollo 13 mission control room right about now.

We’re collectively a lot worse at math than these guys were. Actually, maybe not. If they were that good, it would’ve gone off without a hitch. Just saying.

In a lot of ways, graduation feels like the end of a TV series. You know you’re going to see your favorite characters in other places, but it’s not going to be quite the same. Also, you’re not sure where everyone else got a script for the parts that are coming up, but it seems like you’re the only one without one.

Tag yourself.

Of course, there are a few crucial differences between a Furman graduation and Game of Thrones. Firstly, it’s actually starting to get pretty warm on campus, which means that, whatever post-grad life brings, being turned into a human icicle doesn’t seem that probable.

Me dragging my GPA across that finish line.

Secondly, graduation, while bittersweet, is a lot more sweet than bitter. While I’ll miss the friendships I made and organizations I was a part of at Furman, there’s lots of great opportunities ahead, and I’m better-equipped for them than I was four years ago. The struggle of nearing graduation is best summed up by a term that really annoys me, and is over-used, but is nonetheless accurate: fomo.

As the Game of Thrones final season opener comes up, there’s been a flurry of activity. People who have never watched are desperately trying to get caught up, the writers are trying to tell you which are the most important episodes to rewatch, and a few people have binged the entire series up until now to make sure they’re ready.

HBO pays me for each one of these, you know.

The hustle of the final weeks of senior year is similar. You’re trying to recap everything you did, and you’re trying to figure out what was important, and everyone in their mother wants to hear the summarized version of everything that went down – which is just ludicrous, because this blog was here the whole time.

So to that end, my suggestion for both season premiere watch parties and the end of senior year is one and the same – grab some friends and some popcorn and just enjoy the ride.

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