10 Things to Bring for Freshman Year!

Hi everyone! I decided to do a nice, practical blog this week. I reached out to some of my friends on campus and asked them, “What would you say are important items to remember to bring on move in day?” I got a variety of answers and I thought I would share the top 10 with you to make sure you are prepared! LIFE HACK$: remember to buy these at home when your family will buy them for you so you don’t have to go buy them when you get here lol .

  1. Tide Pods/Laundry Detergent: Yay you get to do your own laundry!
  2. Chargers: Make sure to bring phone and computer chargers (or any other electronic chargers you may need). It’s also handy to bring more than one phone charger to keep one in your car or book bag because I know my phone is always dying.
  3. Medicines: Just having some Advil or EmergenC can be super helpful because a lot of people get sick and because we live so close together, it’s easy for a cold to spread.
  4. Shower Shoes/Shower Caddy: Since Freshman housing, SoHo, has community style bathrooms it is important to remember shower shoes. Something like slides or flip flops will be fine! A shower caddy is also important to be able to carry your things from your room to the showers!
  5. Steamer: Obviously we don’t have ironing boards so a steamer is an easy fix to get any wrinkles out of your clothes and its small so it doesn’t take up lots of room:)
  6. Lint Roller: Another item that will keep your clothes looking fresh!
  7. Command Hooks: You need command hooks to hang things up in your room. I put some in my closet to hang up towels on.
  8. Clorox Wipes: These help keep things clean like the sink, mirror, or your desk.
  9. Air Freshener: I like to open my windows when it’s nice outside but if it is too cold then it is convenient to have some air freshener to keep the room smelling nice.
  10. Something that Reminds You of Home: Having personal things in your room like pictures or your favorite mug can help make your dorm room feel a little more like home<3

I hope this is helpful for you incoming students!! I know everyone on campus is super excited to meet all of you!!

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