My Top 5 Classes at Furman

***in no particular order***

Brand Design

This class is an upper level art class that focuses on building out a brand concept. We had to design logo and create a sports team. I loved this class because of the mix of creativity and strategy as well as the small size. I have made several friends in my class from spending hours working on designs.

Introduction to American Politics

While this class was not related necessarily to my career goals, it is one of my favorites I took at Furman. Dr. Vinson made this class incredibly interesting, and we had great projects (such as our Congress simulation). I learned a lot in this class, but I also laughed a lot. Name a better combo, I’ll wait.

Intro to Mass Communications

This is my favorite class I have taken in my major so far. Dr. Kwami taught this class, and we got to do a project that was in the form of a blog for our research. I also loved getting to learn the theories of communication and the history of it as well. Kind of crazy how quickly we went from black and white pictures to augmented reality, isn’t it?

United States Since 1877

Dr. Vecchio made this class fantastic! I took this class for my history general education requirement and absolutely loved it. Not only did we learn the traditional version of American history, but we also learned lesser known figures and themes which gave me an even deeper appreciation for how our country has changed over the years. I would honestly take this again just to see Dr. Vecchio each week! She is such an uplifting and engaging professor.

Intermediate Spanish I

Yes, Furman has a foreign language requirement, and yes, I took mine at 8:30. However, it is still one of my favorite classes at Furman. Foreign language with Dr. Cass was fun and woke me up on drowsy Monday mornings. This is one of the most discussion based and interactive classes I had at Furman, and 2.5 years later, I still think of it as one of my best learning experiences. For those of you dreading your foreign language, I promise, it can be fun!

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