The Furman Community is Real

A lot of college campuses talk about the community that a student is a part of. I can say from personal experience that the Furman community is real.

When you come to college, you feel like you’re in a sea of students that you may never get to know. However, with every day that goes by, you meet new friends. Three years later, I have a friendly face in every room, and someone to count on when I need support.

Art students enjoying each other’s company.

In times of hardship, particularly, the Furman community comes together to support one another. On days where I have had to miss class, I have received notes from my classmates, without having to ask. These notes are often accompanied with a quick note and a smiley face that makes me feel noticed, supported, and cared for.

A day does not go by that I don’t have an uplifting conversation walking from class to class or catch up with a friend in the P2X line. Furman has unexpected moments with friends and classmates everywhere you go.

Over the past three years at Furman, I have been personally impacted by the sense of community on campus. Not only have I had the joy of being on the receiving end, I have also learned how important it is to give a quick smile and wave when passing someone in Furman Hall. The impact of that short moment can be more than I know, as I have been the person who needed to be smiled at.

Students walking outside JBD Library.

Furman has filled me with overwhelming gratitude for being surrounded by a community of people who value meaningful interaction at the drop of a hat. Being a member of the Furman community means being a friend to everyone you meet on this campus. College is a time for developing your identity, and I am so glad to have integrated being a caring community member into mine.

So, the next time you’re walking down the hall, pick your head up from your phone, and smile at the people walking by. It will be so rewarding for them and for you, and who could argue with that?

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