Easter Break Tips From a Seasoned Senior

In college, breaks are something to be cherished – however, just like napping, or preparing fine cuisine within the DH, you need some experience and some practice to really become a master.

Masters can come in all shapes and sizes.

So, to help guide you on your path to transcendence at Furman, here are a few key tips.

-Only a fool does laundry the two weeks before a break. Turn those shirts inside-out and use Mom and Dad’s laundry detergent.

-You’re going to want to greet the family dog first, but this will irritate the people who are paying for your college tuition for some reason. Your dog will understand.

The image of “understanding”

-If you’re bored on the way home, call and catch up with old friends. If you’re near Christmastime, call and catch up with relatives.

-Make sure your Easter eggs are painted cooler than everyone else’s so your parents don’t start doubting the worth of your degree.

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