Tackling Food Waste at Furman: Chapter 4 (Final Chapter!!)

By Catherine Hayward

Last week’s Chapter 3 explains the broader mission of redirecting waste and how Furman students are advocating and encouraging change by spreading an understanding of sustainability. This final chapter provides a prospective on what Furman students beleive is the best way to reconnect themselves and other to nature.


Many students across Furman’s campus seemed to agree that education appears to be the clear step in a direction toward a more sustainable future not only for Furman but for the world.

As a sophomore Sustainability Science major, Kat Denney surrounds herself with nature constatly both at Furman and in her home life. Her connection to the environment has been expanding since her childhood in Carrollton, Georgia.

Understanding that nature is a valuable resource to be used is not a problem. However, protecting nature should go along with it, she said.

Rising Furman senior Celia Castellano continues to advocate for food waste recognition and public understanding.

“People don’t realize how much time and effort has gone into creating the food we eat,” Castellano said. “If you had to carry around the waste that you produced for a week in a bag, you’d definitely realize the waste problem we have.”

Food waste will continue to grow as the world’s populations do. A necessary balance between sustainable understanding and mass production is what Furman students and the dining hall all suggest could be reached through education.

Some classes on campus that students can take to become more educated with these concepts are Environmental Science, Health and the Environment, Ethics and the Environment, and many more. While science departments will hold most of these classes, there are still many fields that teach and practice sustainibility at Furman.

Kat Denney put it best by saying, “by reminding people about the majesty of nature, they realize the value of it and hopefully want to preserve such beauty.” Furman seems to be on the right track.

Thank you for reading all four chapters of Tackling food Waste at Furman! While this is the end of the sereis check back each week for new blogs.

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