A Typical Day At Furman

Hey guys!

One question that’s typically on a prospective student’s mind is, “What do you do on a typical day at Furman?” The answer to this question changes from semester to semester, but I’ve put together a schedule that I think is a good conglomeration of my last 8 semesters

Typical Weekday:

8:30 AM-1 PM

In the morning I typically wake up about an hour before my class, have some cereal in my dorm/apartment, and then head to class. I’m a morning person, so I’ll usually have 2 classes back to back, and then I’ll head to lunch around 11:30-12:30. If I don’t have classes very early, I’ll take that time to get a workout in or to do some studying! Every now and then I’ll have a meeting with a professor during the morning.

1 PM-5 PM

This is usually my most productive time! Any time before 5 if I don’t have anything planned, I try to crank out any studying/homework that I may need to do. If I haven’t worked out in the morning, I will try to work out or play volleyball with friends during this time. If it’s been a rough day, I’ll go back to my room and take a nap or chill.


Dinner is usually around 6-7 and then I’ll head to the library to finish up some work for the day. Sometimes there will be events on campus that I’ll attend, or I’ll go to a Cultural Life Program (CLP). Once I finish my work, I’ll head back to my room/apartment and hang with friends! Some of my favorite and most memorable nights have been in the dorms/apartments just talking to my friends until the late hours of the night. Occasionally we’ll go for a Cookout/Waffle House run if we’re feeling crazy!

A Perfect Saturday:

I wake up earlyish (around 9), grab a quick breakfast, and go on a hike with friends (See one of my previous blog posts for some of my fave hikes). We pack a lunch and eat it on the hike. On the way back, we grab some ice cream and enjoy each other’s company. When I get back, I play some volleyball with friends until dinnertime. Then, we go out for a dinner, come back to Furman, get ready, and take the Furman shuttle downtown for a night out.


I sleep in and grab brunch with friends whenever we’re all up and ready. Afterwards we walk around downtown Greenville or visit a cool spot in town (maybe Hampton Station or the Humane Society). Then we come back to Furman, relax for a bit, and maybe go to a coffeeshop to do a little bit of work if it’s a busy week. Then we get dinner at the dining hall, Paddock, or somewhere off campus, and come back for a game night or a movie night.

No weekend is ever the same, but I hope this gives you guys a look into the life of a Furman student!

See you next week,


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