Advice: For Freshmen, By Freshmen

Hi everyone!! As a current first-year student at Furman, I remember this time last year was when I started to prepare for the upcoming events of graduating high school, moving into Furman, meeting new people, and starting my classes!! I remembering being constantly asked, “Where are you going to college? Are you nervous? Are you excited?” My answer always being, “Furman University! Yes and yes!” I know most of you incoming freshman are probably starting to feel this way so I compiled some advice from different freshmen students to try and help calm the nervs!

Ava Macheledt

“Don’t worry about having everything figured out right when you get here. College is supposed to be a time to explore your different interests to find what you really love.” -Ava Macheledt

“Make a daily schedule and stick to it. It also doesn’t hurt to include naps.” -Rob Hughes

Imaya Virani

“Do not be afraid to start up a conversation because the friends you make will be your friends for life. I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made here and Furman has really become my home away from home.” -Imaya Virani

“Put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone! Meet as many people as possible!” -Lindy Garrett

Jordan Starkes

“Do your work but also have fun. Stick with a good group of friends that will make your year great.” -Jordan Starkes

“People are just as nervous about coming to school as you are so it’s easy to meet people!” -Laynie Hurlocker

Nicolle Pierce

“Never turn down a lunch date. It could lead to the start of one of the most incredible friendships you’ll have!” -Nicolle Pierce

“Be open to new things! Freshman year is such a sweet time to meet new people, and really find your true passions.” -Kinzer Trettel

“Don’t be afraid to say yes, but also feel comfortable saying no. In the first few weeks you’ll have COUNTLESS wonderful opportunities but it’s easy to over commit yourself before you’ve even started. Just remember it’s okay to say no every now and then!” -Lauren Clifford

“Get involved on campus! Whether it’s Greek life, clubs, an internship, theater, it’s important to stay connected to Furman and it can help you find something you really love being involved in! My advisor encouraged me to apply for this admissions social media internship and I’m so glad she did because my freshman year would not be the same without it!” -Abi Barford aka the person writing this blog post lol.

I hope these little pieces of advice were helpful for you! Furman has become home for me and lots of other students here and we are so pumped to see all of you on campus in just a few months!

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