Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

83 days, 2 months & 22 days, 11 weeks & 6 days, 1,992 hours. Sounds like a long time right? This is exactly the amount of time has passed since I packed up my life and moved 7 hours away from home and to me it feels like its been maybe 25 minutes. 

Even as a Freshman, I get asked (ALOT) what my best advice is for tackling college, and right off the top of my head a few things come to mind. Get involved, go to office hours, take your vitamins, call your parents, and study! 

Now, yes, these things are important, but if I had to narrow my advice into one overarching hint of wisdom, it wouldn’t be one of those things. My advice for college… take in every single minute. The saying is true, time really does fly when you’re having fun and these past 83 days, 2 months & 22 days, 11 weeks & 6 days, or 1,992 hours have flown past me faster than I was even realizing. 

Here at Furman, you can find fun in everything. Whether it’s a bouncy house outside of the library, the entire DH decorated for Halloween, or the Step Afrika CLP; every day is filled with so many amazing moments. My advice… remember them, take advantage of them. Don’t let yourself get caught in a routine, or just aimlessly go through the motions. Do the random FUSAB event outside the library, pay $5 to go to a punny titled sorority event, run to the lib cafe with your friends at 11:57pm in the rain to get a bagel before they close, and go to Cookout or Waffle House in your pjs (I’m definitely guilty of this one) !

Have you ever been living in a moment that you know you will look back on and remember one day? Ever consciously realized that the moment you are in right now will be one of those perfect “college” memories you made ? That special feeling is constant here at Furman if you take my advice. 

One way I’ve been able to take in all these moments is by doing a “one-second a day.” I take a one second video of one moment of my day and compiling them all into an app to make one mass video to watch back at the end of the year. 

Another way, taking photos! As simple as it sounds, photos have always held a special place in my heart and are the perfect way to remember and enjoy all the little moments Furman has to offer. 

By being able to look back on even the smallest details, I can see just how much fun I’m having and exactly why the time is going by so quickly.
So if you ever need someone to show ya a one second video from the past year of her life, I’m your girl! -Rosemary Cruse

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