Countdown to Christmas (but first FINALS!)


Ahhhh the holiday season… hot chocolate, ice-skating, thanksgiving, Christmas decorations, cozy sweaters, ABC’s 24 days to Christmas movie marathon, oh and FINALS!! If you’re anything like me, you get major test anxiety; making the holiday/Exam season more stressful than the mall parking lot on Black Friday! So to help myself, and all the others struggling with finals phobia, I thought I’d put together a finals survival guide using some of my own knowledge and A LOT of the wisdom from those upperclassmen who have practically mastered the art of scoring well on final exams while keeping their sanity. 

Personally, I am a huge fan of Quizlet and practically refuse to go into any test without mastering the Quizlet beforehand. Now yes, I know finding that one person in your class that always seems to have the Quizlet made three months before the exam sounds nice, but I highly suggest making one of your own. Not only does making one force you to type out every question and answer, but it also ensures that you are studying the right answers/questions. How annoying it would be if you spent hours learning the WRONG answers?! Just save yourself the risk and make your very own Quizlet!! 

Another important finals tactic involves major time management! All through high school, I was told to have all my studying done two days before my test or quiz, and of course, I never listened! I always thought of the night before a test as the PRIME study time, cramming as much knowledge I could into my brain into the early morning hours of the night before (then the morning of) a test. Little did I know, the lack of sleep was practically erasing all the studying I was cramming in the night before. So my second piece of advice is to manage your time well enough and have all your studying done two days before the exam, allowing you to ask any remaining questions with plenty of time to spare and get those full eight hours of sleep for the day of. 

Now for some of the upperclassmen’s advice… many suggested making Quizlets and getting enough sleep, but some of the other popular suggestions included eating a good breakfast ( no one wants to hear your stomach growling during a two hour exam), group study sessions, and of course meeting/emailing your professors with questions!! 

I don’t know about y’all but knowing tips from some seasoned professionals makes me feel much better about taking my first college finals! So now we can all sit back, relax, and well, hit the ground running on holiday (exam) season! So if ya ever need someone to study with, or not study with (if it’s the night before the test)… I’m your girl!! -Rosemary Cruse 


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